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Our Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff is the heartbeat of our educational community, and their unwavering dedication to fostering a positive and enriching learning environment does not go unnoticed. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and innovation to their classrooms, creating an atmosphere that inspires both students and colleagues.

Their commitment to continuous learning and professional development is truly commendable. It's evident that they go above and beyond to stay informed about the latest educational trends and teaching methodologies, ensuring that our students receive the highest quality of education.

What sets our teaching staff apart is not only their impressive qualifications and experience but also their genuine love for teaching. The passion they bring to their subjects is infectious, and it undoubtedly contributes to the overall success and growth of our students.

Our Teaching Staff


01 Ms Bhavna Bhargava Offig Principal
02 Ms Paramjeet Ghotra Adm Officer
03 Ms Sapna Rai Head Mistress
04 Mr Abhishek Kala PGT Phy Edn
05 Mr Amit Kumar Pandey PGT Physics
06 Ms Archana Patwal PGT English
07 Ms Babli Kuniyal PGT Commerce
08 Ms Chetna Khanna PGT Biology
09 Ms Devojani PGT English
10 Mr Dheeraj Dobhal PGT Physics
11 Ms Dipika Saxena PGT Maths
12 Ms Lata Pant PGT Hindi
13 Mr Madan Gopal Sharma PGT Commerce
14 Dr Madhup Seth PGT Physics
15 Ms Malvika Panwar PGT History
16 Ms Manju Rawat PGT Chemistry
17 Ms Megha Shahi PGT Economics
18 Ms Mohit Uniyal PGT Chemistry
19 Ms Monika Walia PGT English
20 Mr Narendra Singh Negi PGT Maths
21 Mr Prabhakar Kuniyal PGT Pol Sci
22 Ms Priya PGT Commerce
23 Ms Reena Bala Kumar PGT Maths
24 Mr Sanjay Singh PGT Chemistry
25 Dr Sanjeev Kumar PGT Economics
26 Dr Shavya Saxena PGT Geography
27 Mr Umesh Kr Maurya PGT Phy Edn
28 Ms Vinita Chhetri PGT English
29 Mr Sunil Dutt PGT CSC
30 Ms Alka Chauhan PGT Info Pr