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APSCT become 1st AIOT Pilot Project in October 2022 and journey started to create AI Future Ready Students to achieve Quality Education: SDG 4


AIoT Workshop: Artificial Intelligence of Things

 Date: 16-18 Oct 2022      Venue : Chandigarh

 Keeping abreast with NEP 2020 CBSE with Intel, AIM organized a two-day pilot project to train the teachers for futuristic learning and training so that they can make students AI-Future Ready. Teachers from 30 schools participated in this workshop.                                                                    

This two-day workshop was attended by the following teachers of APS Clement Town:

  1. Mr. Sunil Dutt
  2. Mrs. Sapna Rai                                                     
  3. Mr. Dheeraj Dobhal
  4. Ms. Malvika Dixit

Day 1: 16 Oct 2022

The Intel Resource Person Ms. Sapna Bisht and Mr. Anoop Singh Rawat conducted the opening session on AIoT. They also explained how it can be integrated in the curriculum and classroom teaching.

Day 2: 17 Oct 2022

The participants were given hands-on experience in how to design a lesson plan using Tinkering and AI. They were briefed about the various AIoT techniques that aid in classroom teaching and make education more interesting and fruitful.

Day 3: 18 Oct 2022                                                   

It was a closing session addressed by Mrs. Sarita. The participants were given assignments to be completed and submitted. It was an enriching experience to learn and interact with participants from various schools.


Conducted In-house Training of AIoT On Soil Moisture Sensor and data science as AI domain


Date: 23-24 January, 2023  Venue : New Delhi, Nehru Place

It was indeed a matter of pride when the two teachers of APS CT i.e.

  1. Mr. Dheeraj Dobhal
  2. Ms. Malvika Dixit

Were nominated on the basis of the assignments submitted and invited to attend

the showcase event of ‘AIoT Integration in Curriculum’

This event was attended by :

  1. Dr. Chintan Vaishnav  (Mission Director AIM, NITI Aayog)
  2. Dr. Biswajit Saha  (Director, Skill Education, CBSE)
  3. Mrs. Shweta Khurana  (Senior Director-Asia Pacific Japan, Intel)

They addressed the invitees and congratulated them for being the flag bearers  of 'AIoT Integration in Curriculum’ in their respective Schools. This was followed by a group photograph.