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The practical study is a supplement to the theoretical classroom knowledge. To encourage experiential learning and reduce the emphasis on rote learning and to promote the use of activity-based, student-centered, and collaborative learning approaches biology laboratory is well equipped in APS, Clement town. In the biology lab, the students study detailed morphological, histological and physiological aspects of plants and animals. Our lab is fully equipped with the latest compound microscope, dissecting microscope to appreciate microscopic life and smart interactive flat panel that help the students to acquainted with the practical procedure through O-Lab and explore the untouched areas of science too.

Facilities are available for the students to perform DNA extraction from plant or animal tissue and Laboratory activities are also extended through a visit to various research centers like Science city, Science Park and an herbal garden in school premises. Students understand the importance of to apply scientific knowledge in the context of real-life situations and gain competencies that enable them to participate effectively and productively in life.