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  • Resource Center (UDAAN) Was Inaugurated On 14 Sep 2021 by Brig. Devendra Pandey Chairman APS Clement Town.
  • The novel Resource Room consists of two special Rooms- PANKH and CRAYONS.
  • PANKH – Pankh Is A room For Catering The Needs Of CWSN.
  • CRAYONS- Crayons Is A Multiple Intelligence Room Where In The Activities Based On Different Nine Areas (as per Gardner’s theory of intelligence)


The aim of Resource Center ‘UDAAN’ is to provide a holistic and inclusive education for all.


  • To create a model inclusive school.
  • As part of right based approach, children with special needs are included in the mainstream of education.
  • Implement child friendly teaching strategies suitable for children with special needs.
  • Develop competencies amongst children to adopt and perform in regular classes.
  • Provide an informal environment and specific strategies to comprehend subjects of difficulty and excel without stress.
  • To achieve ‘Zero Reject’ in an inclusive regular school set-up.   


  • Children with Borderline Intelligence (Slow Learners).
  • Children with Mild Mental Retardation.
  • Mild Sensory Impairments.
  • Specific Learning Disabilities/ Learning Difficulties.
  • Emotional Disturbance.
  • Children with Social or Cultural Deprivation.
  • Children with language discrepancy in mother tongue and instructional language.
  • Children with sensory impairment such as Visual Impairment or Hearing Impairment